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infraMetrics user guide.

Monthly equity and debt indices for investors in private infrastructure

infraMetrics equity indices include the widely used infra300® and infra100™ index families, as well as several other thematic and geographic indices:

  • infra300: a representative set of infrastructure 300 equity investments in two dozen countries, going back 20 years. the most representative and widely used unlisted infrastructure equity index in the world. The infraDebt300 index tracks the performance of the 300+ debt instruments of the same universe and is also computed monthly and reviewed annually.
  • infra100: a larger family of thematic indices capturing the performance of the hundreds largest investments in a given segment. Likewise, infraDebt100 indices track the performance of the 100 largest borrowers in 25 markets. The infra100 family includes the infra100 Core and infra100 Core+ indices, infra100 Project Finance, infra100 Eurozone, etc.
  • infraGreen: the infraGreen index family covers both equity and debt investments in solar and wind projects worldwide and provides an unique view the performance of the renewable energy sector. the infraGreen equity index tracks 100 investment and goes back 10 years.
  • Other thematic and geographic indices include the InfraAmericas, InfraAsiaPac and infraNorthenEurope equity indices, the infraLongTerm Debt index.

Index data includes index values and returns, constituents, TICCS® allocations, performance and analytics and is available monthly for all indices.

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