Nice-Matin: Pourquoi l’Edhec Business School forme à transformer


Nice-Matin: Pourquoi l’Edhec Business School forme à transformer

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June 19, 2024 1:52 pm
 |Carolyn Essid

In an article published in regional daily French newspaper Nice-Matin, Emmanuel Métais, dean of EDHEC Business School, of which one of the campuses is located in Nice, presented the school’s new strategic plan for 2024-28, entitled “Generations 2050”, for which it has chosen to look far into the future. A quarter of a century from now.

One of the main strategic priorities of the new plan is to accelerate climate finance by providing companies and investors with concrete tools derived from its financial research ecosystem, including Scientific Infra & Private Assets which has developed indices that take into account climate change variables and determine whether to invest in infrastructure projects (stadiums, airports, etc.). This approach allows Edhec to be useful to the professional world while ensuring its financial independence and sustaining its economic model:

Ou encore, la startup Scientific Infra & Private Assets a développé des indices permettant de prendre en compte les variables liées aux changements climatiques et savoir s’il faut investir dans des projets d’infrastructures (stades, aéroports…). Une façon pour l’Edhec d’être utile au monde professionnel tout en garantissant son indépendance financière et en pérennisant son modèle économique.

Read the full article (in French) here.

This article also appeared in Nice-Matin‘s sister publication, Monaco-Matin.