Using Taxonomies to Qualify the Sustainability of Infrastructure Investments

Carolyn Essid

Using Taxonomies to Qualify the Sustainability of Infrastructure Investments

This paper addresses the problem of mapping the infrastructure asset class to the activities of the EU Taxonomy. This mapping process not only tackles a crucial hurdle but also contributes to a deeper understanding of how green taxonomies can be effectively applied to the infrastructure asset class.

Towards a Scientific Approach to ESG for Infrastructure Investors

Nataliia GAIDARENKOUncategorized

We explore the role of ESG issues in an investment context, namely how institutional investors should incorporate ESG elements into the financial management of their portfolios. A growing number of investors are pursuing ESG objectives to directly improve environmental and social outcomes.

A G20 Reference: EDHECinfra helps to fill the data gap

EDHECinfra help fill the data gap and is now included in the GIH Infra Monitor 2020. Several years ago, the G20 identified the lack of adequate data on the financial performance of infrastructure investments, the majority of which is unlisted, as an important hurdle for the development of a full-fledged infrastructure asset class. The adequate understanding and benchmarking of infrastructure … Read More

Know your TICCS®, understand your risks

Infrastructure index provider EDHECinfra releases 2020 version of its industry-backed infrastructure investment taxonomy, which enables investors to build customised benchmarks reflecting the true risk exposures of their infrastructure portfolios. Since its launch in 2018, The Infrastructure Companies Classification Standard or TICCS® has become an industry standard and is widely used by infrastructure investors to categorise their assets and better understand … Read More

Infrastructure: Calling time on borrowed definitions

This blog was originally published in IP&E Real Assets. It’s time to stop saying apples are just round pears Infrastructure as an asset class has evolved over the past decade at a speed that has brought its own challenges. One of those is taxonomy. As it has expanded and grown in popularity, it has borrowed classifications and definitions from private … Read More